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EMBRACE NATURAL BEAUTY: Lulu is our most natural-looking lash style, with its open eye shape and lightweight feel. Wear it on a night out or as a daily accessory – either way, you’ll feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on the world!

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Discover your perfect everyday lash style with the new LULU. This gorgeous 100% vegan and cruelty-free style has been handmade to provide a natural, lightweight lash that is very comfortable. In the center of the eyelid, it is longer and fuller, and then it tapers down at each end to create symmetrical graduation. This gives your eyes a bigger and fuller appearance! The name LULU means pearl in Swahili, and like a pearl, this versatile faux mink lash is something you will wear again and again (Literally, you can wear it up to 25+ times!).


If you would like a more dramatic version of this lash style check out DOLI. Our dramatic Doll-eye shaped lash style.

Godt At Vide

· All of our lashes can be worn 25 + times if properly worn and taken care of.

· Our lashes are 3d Faux mink, meaning they are 100% cruelty-free and vegan!

· A lash brush is provided with each lash.

· Brushing out lashes is recommended to keep hairs always looking soft and fluffy.

· Sleeping in our lashes is NOT recommended.

Tip: After wearing your lashes store them back in our lash boxes to ensure they remain in good shape and safe from any debris or moisture.

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  • Cruelty-Free

    Vi elsker dyr! Bahati Boutique er og vil altid være 100 % cruelty-free. Vi tester ikke færdige produkter eller ingredienser på dyr, og det gør vores leverandører eller tredjeparter heller ikke. Vi sælger heller ikke vores produkter, hvor dyreforsøg er påkrævet. Det er 2022, dyr bør ikke dø for vores udseende!

  • Non-Toxic

    Når du handler hos os, undgår du alt det klamme "bad for you stuff". Alle vores produkter er fri for phthalater, parabener, nonylphenolethoxylater, triclosan, triclocarban og hydroquinon. Al hudpleje er desuden fri for sulfater. Vores micapulver er også egnet til kosmetisk, og fri for skadelige metaller.

  • Vegansk

    De fleste af vores produkter er 100% veganske (1 produkt er ikke vegansk p.t.). Det betyder, at de ikke er testet på dyr eller indeholder animalske ingredienser. Det er ikke kun dig og dyrene, der får gavn af veganske produkter. At vælge plantebaserede ingredienser er faktisk også bedre for planeten!

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