Lash Care Tips

How to apply your luxurious lashes (Step by Step):

  • Step 1: Gently and carefully remove your lashes out of the lash tray. Tip: you can use a tweezer or a lash applicator to make it easier to do so.
  • Step 2: Before applying the lash glue you want to measure the lash. You can do this by holding up the lashes to your eyes. This ensures it is the right fit and comfortable all day long wear! Tip: the shorter tapered side of the lash should be placed by the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Step 3: Trim lashes. This just gets rid of the excess lash to avoid the lash from lifting throughout the day. Tip: Only trim from the outer edges
  • Step 4: Apply a layer of glue and allow a few minutes for the glue to become tacky. 
  • Step 5: Apply the lashes with a tweezer or a lash applicator for a smooth and easy lash application. Tip: look downwards into a mirror, not straight ahead.


Everything you need to know to make your lashes last:

  • All of our luxurious lashes can last up to 25+ wears if properly worn and taken care of.
  • We provide great quality boxes to store your Bahati Boutique lashes after each wear.
  • A gold lash brush is also provided with each lash order so it is recommended to brush out lashes after each use.
  • Sleeping in your lashes is NOT recommended but if it were to happen, no worries babe❤! Gently remove lashes, brush them out with your lash brush and place them in the lash box until your next wear.
  • When removing lashes do not tug or pluck lash hairs roughly, as by doing so can damage the lash band and can cause lashes to fall apart!💔
  • Lashes don't necessarily need to be washed but if you decide to, you can use mild soap and water and allow them to air dry followed by brushing them so they can remain soft and fluffy for your next wear!


We hope you enjoy your Bahati Boutique luxurious lashes, let us know how you like them by leaving a review, and don't forget to tag us in your selfies on Instagram @bahatiboutique using the hashtag #bahatibabe for a chance to be featured on our page🤩! As always thank you for supporting us, we appreciate you!

- Bahati Boutique✨